GTN Speakers on the cover of Newsweek’s "War Week" Issue

May 6th, 2010

In a Newsweek special report on the how and why of warfare, entitled “War Week,” Junger and Kroft provide stirring accounts of “what war was really like” for the thousands of soldiers who trudged through the jungles of Vietnam and the valleys of Afghanistan.

An adaption of Junger’s latest book, War, out May 11th, is featured in an article titled, Combat High. The book chronicles the 14 months Junger spent intermittently embedded with U.S. forces in the valley, patrolling with them and living among them at their main base. The soldiers’ daily battle for survival both physically and mentally are vividly detailed by Junger, and this adaption provides a sneak peek of what that struggle was like for the young Americans who fought there.

Kroft’s cover story takes us back in time and deep into the jungle as he reviews Karl Marlantes’s Vietnam novel, Matterhorn. Kroft proclaims Matterhorn the epic novel the war has been waiting for, with the ability “to transport me 40 years back in time, stirring sensory perceptions, memories, and emotions that I had either forgotten or pushed into the recesses of my mind.”

Both stories display the authors’ uncanny abilities to bring words to life, igniting your interest, forcing you to read on, and sharing a story you won’t soon forget.

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