GTN Presents: Ron Paul on Optimism

May 14th, 2013

GTN chats exclusively with Ron Paul about his optimistic view on America’s future.

We do have a mess, our economy is much worse than a lot of people believe and we haven’t corrected our problems, but I tend towards optimism – if we do the right things. It is critical that we do the right things. If we don’t address it, if we don’t admit the truth and don’t admit that we have a problem—the deficit is a problem and I believe technically our country is bankrupt—if we don’t recognize that and recognize that the monetary system is bad, we have to deal with the federal reserve, we have to deal with the spending, we have to admit to ourselves that you can’t have endless spending. We’ve been taught for too many years that deficits don’t matter, that spending is good and you can spend your way out of recessions. That’s all wrong. The American tradition has been much closer to hard work and effort and sound money. If we restore those basic principles, I think we can get the economy growing again rather easily.