Fox News Latino: Alberto Gonzales: Protecting the Latino Vote

March 28th, 2012

Fox News Latino
March 28, 2012
By, Alberto Gonzales

 Voters-Florida-FOXNEWSLATINORecently, Texas passed a law requiring qualified residents to present photo identification when they vote.  Under the federal Voting Rights Act, the Texas law cannot go into effect until approved by either the Justice Department or a three-judge panel in the District of Columbia.  Last week, the Justice Department announced it was objecting to the Texas law based on information provided by the State that Hispanic voters were 46.5 percent to 120 percent more likely to lack photo identification than non-Hispanics.  The Texas law now heads to the courts where Texas will have to prove that its new election law does not have a disproportionate adverse impact on Hispanic voting rights.

Our right to vote is fundamental to citizenship and must be defended.  Likewise, protecting the integrity of our elections from fraud and abuse is a compelling government purpose.  For this reason, I support common-sense, effective requirements that qualified residents present an approved government issued photo ID to prove who they claim to be when they intend to cast a ballot.

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