Fox News Insider: Judge Napolitano Reacts to Ron Paul's 'Worries' About Snowden Drone Strike

June 12th, 2013

Fox News Insider from America’s Newsroom
June 12, 2013

Was it hyperbole for Ron Paul to suggest that the government could try to kill the NSA whistleblower?

There is no doubt in Judge Andrew Napolitano‘s mind that the U.S. government will go after Snowden and ask Hong Kong authorities to arrest him and send him back to the United States. Napolitano says that in the view of the Obama administration, Snowden “violated his oath to keep secrets secret,” while working for NSA contractor Booz Allen.

“He also took an oath to uphold the Constitution and that is a higher obligation. … He chose which oath to comply with,” said Napolitano.

Bill Hemmer asked for the judge’s reaction to Ron Paul’s comments on FBN, expressing concern that Snowden could be killed with a drone strike if the U.S. chooses to do so. Hemmer asked whether this statement was hyperbole on the part of Paul.

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