Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Speaks Out

January 18th, 2012

Play Poker
Jan. 18, 2012

Online poker may soon be a big part of the state or federal governments of America. This big news broke after the Illinois and New York lotteries queried the US Department of Justice about the legality of selling lottery tickets online. The Justice Department was forced to clarify the federal Wire Act to state that it only forbids wagers on sporting events in interstate and foreign commerce. That little move changed the previous interpretation of the Wire Act as being a law against all forms of gambling in America.

When you’ve got a guy like former FBI Director Louis Freeh on your side, as the pro-online gaming community in America does, you use him as often as possible. Freeh got involved because of his position as a member of the board of directors for FairPlayUSA. FairPlayUSA supports federal regulation of online gaming and gets its money from big hitters in the casino industry like MGM Resorts and Caesar’s. Freeh said this about the DoJ’s recent clarification:

“This (ruling) proves the need for federal legislation, because unlicensed and unregulated sites will now proliferate more than ever, without safeguards against fraud, underage gambling and money laundering. Further, we will have multiple state regimes without consistent regulatory standards for activity that takes place electronically across state lines. States do not possess the necessary law enforcement tools to enact such regulatory requirements in a border-less Internet. Only strict and comprehensive federal regulation will ensure that play is safe, secure and confined to players among jurisdictions that permit the practice.”  Read more