Exclusive: Bully Director Lee Hirsch to Embark on Speaking Tour

April 20th, 2012

US Weekly
By Beth Anne Macaluso
April 20, 2012

Lee Hirsch is taking his very important message out into the world.

The Bully director and creator of The Bully Project–an organization dedicated to fighting bullying in America’s schools–is set to head out on a speaking tour with the Greater Talent Network speakers bureau.

Hirsch will visit high schools and college campuses across the country to engage with young people about the harmful impact bullying has not only on individuals, but on whole communities.

“Lee has a powerful, undeniable message about the devastating effects of bullying in schools,” Greater Talent Network CEO Don Epstein tells Us Weekly. “It’s a message people all over the country need to hear.”

Hirsch’s powerful documentary recently won a ratings battle with the MPAA; the film, which was initially rated R, is now rated PG-13 thanks to a campaign by Hirsch and other anti-bullying activists–meaning audiences of all ages can attend a screening without an adult chaperone.

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