Examiner.com: Valerie Plame Wilson on privacy versus national security

October 16th, 2013

by William Fietzer
October 16, 2013

Think that the National Security Agency has too much power? That it’s snooping too much into your (and everyone else’s) personal affairs? That it spends too much?

Guess again. The power of General Keith Alexander, current head of NSA, Central Security Service, and United States Cyber Command is “so immense that no one can imagine his reach.” That message typified Valerie Plame Wilson’s lecture Tuesday evening (October 15, 2013) at the Westminster Town Hall Forum. With just over two weeks before Halloween, Ms. Wilson supplied a host of real life facts and examples that scared the thousand attending adults more than any fictional spook story ever could.

In an era of sequestration, government furloughs, and budget gridlock, Wilson declared Washington D.C.’s “boom town” economy has been fueled by the exponential growth of the military-industrial-intelligence complex. At Fort Meade outside Baltimore over 50 new buildings devoted to national security and surveillance have been constructed. Across the country more than twenty other structures have been erected to examine, codify, and archive one-third of the world’s telephone calls and virtually all of its Internet communications to keep America safe.

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