Entertainment Weekly Reviews Moonwalking with Einstein

February 23rd, 2011

Joshua Foer
Reviewed by Keith Staskiewicz | Feb 23, 2011

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Details Release Date: Mar 03, 2011; Writer: Joshua Foer; Genres: Nonfiction, Science and Technology;

Names, car keys, birthdays, what we were just doing: These are a few of the things we all, science journalist Foer included, forget on a regular basis. After covering the 2005 USA Memory Championship, Foer (brother of author Jonathan Safran, for what it’s worth) decided to train for the competition, using shuffled cards and thousand-digit integers as his weights and treadmills. But that’s just the skeleton on which Foer hangs a fascinating scientific analysis of mnemonic mysteries. What we remember, he says, defines who we are. B+