E! News: Bill Rancic Talks Baby Duke and Diaper Duty, While Giuliana Becomes an Honorary Delta Gamma

October 8th, 2012

E! News
by Bruna Nessif
Mon., Oct. 8, 2012



When it comes to Edward Duke Rancic‘s dirty diapers, who’s going to take one for the team?

Bill Rancic spoke with E! News today at a golf tournament at The Riviera Country Club and shared how a night with Giuliana Rancic and his baby boy usually goes down.

“He’s eating and pooping and sleeping, so that’s pretty much his program. That’s how he rolls,” Rancic tells us. So who’s in charge of diaper duty? Well, they split that luxury up evenly.

“We change probably an equal amount,” Bill says. “Giuliana’s probably done a little more of the feedings, she requires a little less sleep than I do, so she’s doing some of the later feedings, which is great. She’s getting sleep. We take turns, we’ve got a good system in the house, we’re very efficient on the feedings. I’ll do the 1 a.m. feeding and she’ll do the 4 or 5 a.m. feeding, so we kinda have it all broken down and we’re doing it smart.”

What a good team!

Meanwhile, Giuliana went to the University of Oklahoma on Friday to talk to a number of Delta Gamma sorority girls about early breast cancer detection and the power of a positive attitude as part of her multi-city speaking tour, and kept a video diary along the way (gotta love FlipCams!).

In this clip, you’ll see that there’s always going to be a competition between her and her hubby, Bill.

G—who perfected her Delta Gamma pose—asked how many people will be attending her speech, and was told that their goal was to beat 1,000 people. “Oh, we’re gonna smoke that,” Giuliana said. She then found out that she’d be speaking to more people at her event than Bill spoke to during an appearance at Purdue University.

Watch the clip to see how many students her main squeeze addressed and Giuliana’s hilarious reaction.

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