Documentary to Be Made about Mayor Cory Booker and Newark

November 20th, 2008

By Don Kaplan

NEWARK and its charismatic mayor, Corey Booker, will be starring in a new docu-soap series called “Brick City.”

The show, produced by actor Forest Whitaker and slated to air early next year on the Sundance Channel, will follow Booker as he and a cast of community characters fight to turn around a town that was best-known for crime, corruption and urban decay.

“The focus is how the city of Newark is looking to be a defining example of urban transformation,” says Desiree Peterkin Bell, a senior cabinet member in Booker's administration who was instrumental in guiding the project.

“It follows all the folks that are helping to make that happen. We were not interested in a documentary about Mayor Booker,” she says.

Whitaker is not alone in producing new projects about current issues. HBO recently began work on a documentary about Barack Obama produced by actor Ed Norton.