Danny Glover Visits Peru As Unicef Goodwill Ambassador

October 21st, 2010


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Celebrities | October 20, 2010 [ 11:29 ]
Danny Glover visits Peru as Unicef goodwill ambassador

By Mario Sandoval

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Danny Glover, actor, filmmaker and activist for the rights of African Americans and minorities in the United States, is visiting Peru as goodwill ambassador for Unicef.

Glover is in Peru to learn about the situation of children in the country and support the Buena Onda campaign. He has visited a Shipibo community in Pucallpa and is now in Lima. His role with Unicef is to support efforts on HIV prevention, intercultural bilingual education and fight against child malnutrition.

In his first visit to Peru, Glover traveled with Unicef specialists to a Shipibo native community in the Ucayali region. There, he witnessed the operation of intercultural bilingual schools, which guarantee the right of children to learn in their mother tongue. He also met with young health workers to learn about preventive strategies applied in Peru to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Tomorrow at noon, he will visit one of the Buena Onda outlets to make a symbolic purchase of a nose and invite the general public to support the campaign which raises funds to benefit Peruvian children.