Daily Beast's 'Women in World' salon series tackles the global orphan crisis

November 16th, 2010

Nov 18, 2010

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Tina Brown’s ‘Women in World’ event takes on global orphan crisis
By Robert Caplin

***Update: Hugh Jackman and wife Deborah-Lee Furness, Vera Wang, Ambassador Susan Jacobs, and other adoption experts joined The Daily Beast in New York City yesterday to seek solutions to help the world’s orphan crisis. Head to The Daily Beast to see their list of 9 ways to to help and to see photos from the event.***

This year in Kindness, you may remember reading about the Daily Beast’s “Women in the World Summit” that gathered women leaders to find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

Building on the success of the summit, the program will host a second “Women in the World Salon Series” breakfast Wednesday. The topic on the table is the global orphan crisis, an issue that impacts 163 million children worldwide.

Daily Beast editor in chief and salon series host Tina Brown kindly took the time to share more background on these “forgotten children” and how you can get engaged with the issue.

Kindness: Tell us more about the global orphan crisis, and why you selected this as a salon series topic.

Tina Brown: The numbers are heartbreaking. Today there are 163 million children living without permanent homes or families. Many are languishing in orphanages where they get practically no human interaction. Many aren’t even so lucky – they’re seeking shelter in manholes, in train stations, in garbage dumpsters. Abandoned children get so few of their emotional or physical needs met, they are at tremendous risk for all sorts of lifelong developmental and psychological problems. We created this breakfast – Forgotten Children – to discuss and deliberate the ways that we, as individuals, can mobilize to find permanent and healthy homes for all the world’s abandoned or orphaned children – and we couldn’t have rounded up a better group to bring their expertise to the table.

Kindness: What inspired the Women in the World Salon Series, and what other issues will the series address in the coming year?

Brown: We wanted to continue the huge success of our Women in the World Summit from last March by having smaller solutions-based events throughout the year. The Salon Series is a perfect platform on which to pursue and advance topics, issues and discussions stemming from the larger annual summit. It’s our chance to continue to showcase leaders on the frontlines working on innovative solutions to challenges women and local communities face. We’ll be addressing issues ranging from sex slavery to girls’ education in the developing world to women caught in the violence of war zones. The Daily Beast was recently ranked higher than The New York Times and The Washington Post for publishing op-eds authored by women and our Salon Series really reflects this editorial voice in a tangible way.

Kindness: For those that can’t attend any of the sessions, is there any way they can follow the discussion and get engaged?

Brown: Dr. Jane Aronson, one of our event co-hosts will be participating in a live-chat on the website on Wednesday at 12 noon EST – giving readers a chance to put questions about these issues to her. On Thursday, the day after the breakfast, we’ll also be posting a custom “Cheat Sheet” on The Daily Beast rounding up all the ideas, insights and solutions that we came up with.

Kindness: Will there be another summit like the one held earlier in the year?

Brown: We announced our 2nd annual Women in the World Summit earlier this fall – taking place at the Hudson Theatre in New York, March 10th – 12th. Event participants include former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, activist Ingrid Betancourt, actress and women’s advocate Meryl Streep and Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer. The 2nd Women in the World Summit will bring together the inspirational people and ideas generating remarkable success stories all over the world.

For full coverage of The Daily Beast’s Forgotten Children event and to join a live chat with Jane Aronson on Wednesday at noon ET, please visit www.thedailybeast.com