Cosmopolitan: Self-Defense Tips From WWE Divas' Eve Torres

December 17th, 2012

By Michelle Ruiz
December 17, 2012



Eve Torres is an engineer-turned-professional wrestler whose talents include solving Rubik’s Cubes, weathering broken noses, and applying her own fake lashes. Still, the WWE Divas champ found herself vulnerable when a group of guys ganged up on her at a gas station while she was on the road solo. She’s since learned to protect herself through Jiu-Jitsu-based techniques and is sharing her self-defense tips to help keep you safe.

1. Embrace Girl Power

“You don’t have to be a tomboy to defend yourself. You can be feminine and wear heels, dresses, and makeup, and still be a powerful woman—physically, mentally, emotionally. My WWE Divas championship belt is pink and sparkly, but it doesn’t mean I’m a princess. It means girls can kick butt!”