CNN: Neil Gaiman's acclaimed comic book 'Sandman' returns after 25 years

March 25th, 2014

by Henry Hanks
March 25, 2014

Why return to a favorite story 25 years after it began?

For author Neil Gaiman, the answer lies in one word: “joy.”

In speaking with CNN, Gaiman used the word more than once to describe his experience with “The Sandman,” the comic book series that started in 1988 and achieved widespread acclaim, originally ending in 1996. The story was a revolutionary reboot of a superhero character from the 1970s. Gaiman was given free rein at the time to make him completely different and ran with it.

Now, Gaiman is back with the new series “Sandman: Overture,” and the second issue is set for release on Wednesday.

Gaiman has since written many popular novels including “Stardust,” “Neverwhere,” “American Gods, “Coraline” and most recently, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” But for many fans, “Sandman” — an oftentimes surreal story about the realm of dreams, which originally ran 75 issues — remains his best known work. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fan, and he’s producing a possible “Sandman” film.

“Overture” is Gaiman’s first new “Sandman” story in 10 years (2003 saw his last “Sandman” follow-up, the graphic novel “Sandman: Endless Nights”).

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