CNN Interviews Marlee Matlin on Her "Celebrity Apprentice" Experience

May 20th, 2011

CNN Piers Morgan

May 20th, 2011
04:12 PMET
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Marlee Matlin discusses being a role model for the deaf on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Marlee Matlin and John Rich – the final two on “Celebrity Apprentice” this season – are guests tonight on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” Matlin discussed being a role model for the deaf on the show. “She’s a remarkable person, period,” said her opponent, Rich. Matlin said “it happens every day,” when discussing her signing with her translator, but Piers Morgan described the “incredible power of you as a role model.”

“This show must have transformed that for you,” he said. Watch her answer tonight! And to read the transcript of the video, click below (and click here to read the full show transcript):

MORGAN: I mean, John it’s an extraordinary thing to witness.

RICH: Oh, incredible.

MORGAN: When I was trying to think if I’d been on The Apprentice this
season watching Marlee having to interact with 14, 16 people to start
with and hold her own and win challenges, a remarkable thing.

RICH: Without a doubt. I don’t think anybody that’s ever met Marlee
thinks anything other than what you just said. She’s a remarkable
person, period. I mean really, really impressive. And to watch this.

MORGAN: It’s amazing isn’t it?

RICH: I look at it as kind of like a privilege to experience being
around such a relationship because how many people have ever even seen
something like this in person. It’s incredible.

MORGAN: And what I

MATLIN: I mean it happens everyday. Deaf people

RICH: No I know it happens but you don’t get the opportunity to witness
it first hand –

MORGAN: And I know you say that Marlee, I think the really important
thing, I thought after meeting you and seeing this in action is the
incredible power of you as a role model now for deaf people in America.
I mean incredible. This show must have transformed that for you.