CNN: Former FBI Director Freeh thrust back into spotlight as Penn State investigator

December 2nd, 2011

December 2,  2011
By Terry Frieden

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Spotlights are shining brightly on Louis Freeh’s law firm as the former FBI director opens his investigation into how Penn State University officials handled child sex abuse allegations against a former football coach.

Freeh’s widely recognized reputation among acquaintances and former colleagues as an unwavering “Boy Scout” and a “straight arrow” in his FBI and legal career appears to be serving him well now that he leads the firm that bears his name. Freeh, Sporkin and Sullivan, which features three former federal judges as named partners, is immediately recognizable to lawyers and political insiders.

Freeh was a judge in New York before taking the helm of the FBI in 1993, while Stanley Sporkin and Eugene Sullivan served for years on the federal bench in Washington.

In announcing the appointment for the internal Penn State probe, Kenneth Frazier, chairman of the special committee of the board of trustees, introduced Freeh as “a man of complete integrity, independence and objectivity.”

Freeh was promised “complete independence,” and he promised he would “take the investigation wherever it may lead.”

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