CNN American Morning Interview: Newark mayor Cory Booker using Facebook to lose weight

January 6th, 2011

CNN American Morning

January 6, 2011

Newark mayor Cory Booker using Facebook to lose weight
Posted: 11:47 AM ET
By Adam Noboa

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During 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama invited Newark mayor Cory Booker to be an Honorary Co-Vice Chair of her “Partnership for a Healthier America” as part of her larger national campaign against obesity called Let’s Move!. As Booker writes on his Facebook page “he proudly and readily accepted” the position but soon ran into a problem:

“Michelle Obama came to Newark on November 18, 2010 to celebrate our progress and talk about the issue. On that morning, with a national audience soon to be watching our city, I went to my closet and ignominiously found my last suit that actually still fit me well. You see, the stresses of 2010 weakened my resolve to watch my weight, and I had ballooned. I was preaching a good sermon but my practice was pathetic. As I sat with the First Lady exhorting Newark school children to eat healthy foods, exercise more, and have fun while doing it – my stomach was still trying to digest the French fries and cookie dough from the night before, and I hadn’t exercised for more days than I could remember.”

So Mayor Booker made a new years resolution…to lose weight. He tells American Morning’s T.J. Holmes and Kiran Chetry about his goal weight and how he plans to do it.