Cloud Computing and the Streaming of Everything Will Change Media Forever

August 9th, 2011

HuffPost Canada
by Mitch Joel
Aug 9, 2011

We’re getting much closer to the world of dumb clients… and that’s a smart thing.

Five years ago, the conversation about live video streaming was always relegated to a conversation about “the pipe” (the technology and the ability to deliver this type of data intensive media with the same flawless flow as broadcast TV). While it’s still not perfect and many people still grumble over video buffering issues while they try to watch on their computers, tablets and smartphones, the technology is improving and we’re getting very close to that moment in time when grabbing and watching videos will be as speedy and flow-perfect as grabbing your email. The biggest change is going to be that you won’t have to really download anything, as all content will not only live in the cloud, but will be accessible to you on-demand.

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