CBS This Morning: Logan: No sign U.S. will speed Afghan handover

March 16th, 2012

CBS This Morning
March 16, 2012

The issue of the U.S. handover of security responsibilities to Afghan forces has become highly politicized, given President Hamid Karzai’s call for the U.S. and its allies to take all troops out of remote areas and Afghan villages in the wake of last weekend’s massacre of 16 Afghan civilians, said CBS News’ chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan.

On “CBS This Morning” Logan said there is no indication that demand to speed up a timetable of the U.S. handover will be carried out.

But, she said, the demand does play to consistent criticism made by Karzai about an “increasingly aggressive strategy” in the villages by the U.S., “because he feels that that is replacing what really should be an effective strategy regarding Pakistan . . . and so far there’s been no change in the U.S. policy towards Pakistan.

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