CBS News: Freed boxer wins first — and last pro fight

October 19th, 2011

CBS News
October 19, 2011

Dewey Bozella, 52, won his first-ever professional match Saturday night by pounding Larry Hopkins, an opponent 22 years his junior.

But now, he says he’s done fighting.

On “The Early Show,” the man who spent most of his adult life behind bars and dreamed of fighting in a pro match said he’s not planning to take part in any more bouts.

“No more fights,” Bozella said. “I’ll spar with people. I’ll work out with people and I would love to learn the game of boxing a little bit more if I can. I will sit down and do announcing.”

Going forward, he says he wants to focus on helping kids aspire to achieve, with the Dewey Bozella Foundation.

But Bozella says he’s grateful for the chance to finally get in the ring.

“I felt my dream was taken from me and to have that opportunity to live that out was a mission, that was very good for me,” he said.

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