CBS News Bob Simon: Life and times of a foreign correspondent

February 17th, 2013

February 17, 2013

Life and times of a foreign correspondent

Correspondent Bob Simon is more famous in Israel than anywhere else.

There, he’s (sometimes affectionately) known as “Bub,” after a 40-year assignment covering Israel and conflict in the region for CBS News.

In this special 60 Minutes Overtime feature, we’ll take you back to the early 1970s when Simon, a Bronx-native, first began covering Israel for the network. There were the years of running from tear-gas during the Intifada in the 80s, and then the late ’90s, when Bob was often the first to arrive at the scenes of suicide bombings, having raced around the jammed roads on his motorcycle.

Simon talks about his 40-day ordeal as a captive in Iraqi jails, and he even shares some wisdom on the Arab-Israeli conflict, a story he has lived like few people have.


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