CBS: Composer John Forte's personal highs and lows give soul to "Brooklyn DA" theme

May 23rd, 2013

May 23, 2013

Composer, writer and documentarian John Forte brings the essence of Brooklyn to everything he does, including the new theme music for the CBS documentary series “Brooklyn DA.”

Forte created “Brooklyn Now,” the theme song for “Brooklyn DA” and has developed a collection of original works that will be featured throughout the new, six-part documentary series, which follows the career prosecutors of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and the cases they handle.

“Whether I’m singing a ballad with just an acoustic guitar or whether I’m conducting an orchestra, the broad range of my musical essences come from Brownsville,” Forte says.

Forte’s personal story is as eclectic and gritty as the borough he hails from. And it was exactly that feeling that the team behind “Brooklyn DA” wanted to convey with the music for the series.

“One of the things we needed was a theme song,” says Patti Aronofsky, a Brooklyn native who is also the series creator and senior supervising producer. She searched for existing music using Brooklyn as a theme, but nothing quite felt right – until she landed on Forte’s composition for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

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