Capital New York: Michael Ian Black Offers Some Honest Advice From His New Book, Gets Interviewed by Meghan McCain, Says Filthy Things

March 1st, 2012

Capital New York
March 1, 2012
By Michael Payne

WORD bookstore brought a seemingly unlikely pairing: comedian and actor Michael Ian Black and blogger/personality Meghan McCain.

Yet the pairing is more germane than it might sound: McCain and Black are at work on a book together, tentatively titled America, You Sexy Bitch (initially the title was Stupid For America). Still in its early stages, the project looks to be about the varieties of political experience across the country, and to write it Black and McCain spent months traveling across the country in an R.V., filming interviews and gathering material.

The reason Black was speaking at WORD was to promote his own new book, a comic memoir titled You’re Not Doing It Right, which centers on the honest vicissitudes of marriage and parenthood. McCain was there to interview him. And while the event would eventually wend into the political, it started with the purely comic.

Before cracking the spine of his book, Black spent a few minutes razzing an audience member with rather vertiginous hair, giving a brief rundown of what he imagined the man’s styling regime to be.

“I really want to say I like it,” Black said, maintaining that despite the hair’s height, he wasn’t so impressed.

“In keeping with my book, I’m trying to be honest in all things,” he continued. The hairdo owner took it in good humor, the ice was broken.

Black read some of his chapter titles, asking the audience which they wanted to hear.

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