Candace Bushnell: Selena Gomez leads Hollywood's PYT dream team for 'Sex and the City' prequel

July 28th, 2011

By Holly Coletta

Hollywood has proven it’s ruthless when it comes to cashing in on all angles of a franchise. They’re rebooting the popular Spider-Man superhero saga after merely four years, and now they’ve got their eyes on a chick-centric money-maker that technically hasn’t even ended yet: Sex and the City.

The fashionable girl-power series became a mega cult hit when it ran on HBO, and has since spawned two movie sequels that were equal in high fashion and dirty girl talk, but not in critical reception.

While the first movie was a celebrated return for Carrie Bradshaw and friends, the sequel was accused of being vain, over-the-top, and proof that the series was starting to wear down the soles of it’s big-budget Manolo Blahniks.

A third movie for the Sarah Jessica Parker-fronted fashionista quartet is still floating in production limbo. But series creator Candace Bushnell has been hard at work further exploring the early life of everyone’s favorite fictional Vogue columnist.

Bushnell has released young adult novels The Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City, which shed light on the fab foursome by following their high school years.

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