C21Media: Mark Burnett gets social with Youtoo

September 28th, 2011


By Andrew McDonald
28 Sep 2011

Reality supremo Mark Burnett has teamed with start-up Youtoo TV to launch a social TV network in the US that will rely heavily on viewer-created content.

Burnett, whose credits include Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice, said social TV was the “next generation of television” and that Youtoo marked a major step in that direction.

Burnett’s production house VIMBY has signed up as original content provider for the launch. It is producing 250 short programmes that will be fronted by talent such as American Idol Extra host Mikalah Gordon and X Files actor Dean Haglund.

Youtoo’s patent-pending technology allows users to record high-definition, TV-ready video files and then submit them for broadcast. It claims it will start by putting 500 people on TV each day, in programming slots dubbed ‘Fame Spots’.

This content will appear alongside traditional shows such as The X Files, Batman, and Green Hornet, popular web series such as Howcast, Geekbeat.tv, and Diggnation, original Youtoo shows and interactive programmes.

“As a TV producer, I love nothing more than finding the next big thing. When I put Survivor on television, no one, including me, knew how popular reality television would become. Now, Youtoo is paving the way for social TV,” said Burnett.

“Think of it as Facebook meets TV, it’s the evolution of the social network. In addition to interacting with your friends and followers, you can be on national television and interact with millions of people,” said Youtoo CEO Chris Wyatt.

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