Business Insider: SETH GODIN: Actually, Not Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion

April 9th, 2012

Business Insider
April 9, 2012
By, Aimee Groth

Anyone can share their opinions these days, especially with social media.

But it doesn’t mean that people are listening — nor should they.

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin recently wrote about how we all need to have more selective hearing, because we’ll have to vet advice and pressure from so many people throughout our lifetimes.

He provided this measure for determining whether or not to listen someone:

1. Lack of Standing. If you are not a customer, a stakeholder or someone with significant leverage in spreading the word, we will ignore you. And we should. … I’m being deliberately harsh here for a reason. If we’re going to do great work, it means that some people aren’t going to like it. And if the people who don’t like it don’t have an impact on what happens to the work after it’s complete, the only recourse of someone doing great work is to ignore their opinion.