Dewey Bozella: I Want People To Know to Never Give Up

October 8th, 2011
October 8, 2011
By Jake Donovan

“I would rather die in prison than admit to something I didn’t do.”

For 26 years, Dewey Bozella stayed true to those words while wrongfully imprisoned Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York. Because of that, he stays true to long ago made to himself while still an amateur boxer, that he would one day fight.

At age 52, he gets the chance to cross that item off of his bucket list when undercard of Bernard Hopkins’ lineal world light heavyweight title defense against Chad Dawson in California.

The bout will be a one-and-done affair for Bozella, who will engage in a four-round cruiserweight bout opponent still being sought. Win, lose or draw, the night serves as means to fulfill a dream, although night goes well beyond simply climbing into the ring.

“I want to win,” Bozella emphatically states when asked of his expectations on October 15. “I don’t want people to know to never give up.”

That he’s entering a ring at age 52 is a miracle in and of itself, though Bozella refuses to accept that lot of work went into securing his boxing license, including an extensive battery of tests conducted Athletic Commission.

Bozella was determined enough to live out his dream that he refused to take no for an answer. His was actually his second crack at approval, with the first attempt a firm reminder of just what it takes professional boxer.

“It makes me very competitive for this event,” Bozella acknowledges. “Passing the test shows that I’m on my own and failed. The second time, with the help of this camp helped me get off my feet.”

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