Billy Beane: A conversation with general manager Beane

November 13th, 2013
by Barry M. Bloom
November 13, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. — Longtime A’s general manager Billy Beane held court on Tuesday during the General Managers Meetings.

Beane, whose A’s advanced to the postseason for the seventh time since 2000, said he never takes making the playoffs for granted. His manager, Bob Melvin, has his numerous superstitions. Beane does, too, but he would not divulge them nor is he ready to change anything up if the A’s happen to get back into the postseason again next year.

“I don’t change too many things in a playoff series,” he said. “The lucky socks won’t work in a playoff series. I enjoy the playoffs because the season is so long, if you make the playoffs I think the teams that are in them deserve that right. Especially in our market, you never know when you’re going to go back again, so I try to enjoy the heck out of them.”

Beane talked to one-on-one about the recently concluded postseason and where he thinks his club is heading this winter. Anything going on at these meetings with you guys?

Beane: The GM Meetings for a club like ours aren’t always the most active. … We have so much contact now with each other. This used to be the way we’d all come to together. But with the use of email and things like that, we’re always in touch. So less happens here than when we get back home. We have conversations that lead to something, but there are so many meetings and so many things scheduled. It’s like the Winter Meetings. It’s not the most conducive time to do anything.

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