BetaBeat: DimensionU Wants Kids to Earn Their Allowances Through Educational Games

March 23rd, 2012

March 23, 2012
By Jessica Roy

Remember those programs at chain restaurants like Pizza Hut that bribed kids into doing well in school by offering a free pizza for every straight-A report card? Ntiedo Etuk does, and he’s looking to bring the concept into the digital sphere with DimensionU, a comprehensive student motivation system that wants to create the first form of “educational currency.”

DimensionU, previously called “Tabula Digita” before Mr. Etuk realized a highbrow Latin name wasn’t going to do his company any favors, is an educational platform for kids, parents and teachers that incentivizes learning by setting up a reward system that allows kids to earn prizes for learning accomplishments.

“When I started the company the idea was actually to focus on the real sort of consumer in education: the kid,” Mr. Etuk told Betabeat via phone. “We felt like a lot of the tools had been created to help the teacher do their job better, or to help the government figure out if teachers were doing their jobs well. But very little was focused on how kids interact with information.”

Mr. Etuk told Betabeat that DimensionU focuses on the “three biggest psychological levers for kids these days: games, what their friends are doing and getting stuff.” By streamlining those into one online tool, he wants DimensionU to be the first kid-centered platform that rewards learning.

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