Backstage at DWTS: Chaz Bono Will Deliver Cher If He Isn't Eliminated!

October 4th, 2011

E! Online
By Jenna Mullins
Oct. 4, 2011

With Dancing With the Stars, it’s all about getting the votes. And should you go the route of promising an icon in exchange for sticking around one more week, then kudos to you.

Such is the case with Chaz Bono, since he told us last night that his very famous mom, Cher (ever heard of her?), would attend next week’s DWTS if he manages to make it through tonight’s elimination round…

“She did say if we stay this week that she’ll be in the audience next week,” Lacey Schwimmer tells us, with Chaz nodding in agreement. Cher tweeted the same thing last night, so now it’s on America to keep Chaz around for one more week.

“[We were] happy with the comments. The scores were not so awesome. But it’s really about America. It’s up to them,” Lacey says.

Regardless of whether Cher is in the audience next week, the duo knows they have her full support while they try and survive tonight’s elimination show. “She’s always proud of him. She’s very vocal about that,” Lacey tells us. “Every night after I dance [she] and I talk,” Chaz adds. “Last week when I was injured she sent different people to work on me.

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