As Giants soak up love, they know there’s no better place to win

February 8th, 2012

New York Post
By Steve Serby
Feb. 8, 2012

Eli Manning began walking off the field at MetLife Stadium, a place of sheer Bluephoria that had unmistakably become Giants Stadium, his arm around his wife, Abby, and soon the championship face of the championship franchise was all alone, walking tall and proud toward the tunnel, waving at the fans who were standing and cheering for him and moments earlier had serenaded him with “MVP, MVP, MVP” when he addressed the estimated crowd of 40-45,000.

I caught up to Manning, and now it was the two of us, and when I joked that all the cheers were for me, not for him, he playfully elbowed me.

What was that like?” I asked him.

“That’s awesome,” he said. “Great feeling to come back to our own stadium, see that many people.”

Now he stopped outside a door where security was sealing off media access, and finished. Because no one finishes like Eli Manning.

“It’s just obviously the greatest fans in the world, and we appreciate all the support, and glad to bring them home the Super Bowl trophy.”

Soon Brandon Jacobs was carrying that Lombardi Trophy toward the fans behind the end zone, and walked slowly with it, letting as many screaming fans as he could touch it, as he made his way all around the stadium.

“Not many people can say they even won a playoff game, and I got two Super Bowl rings,” Jacobs said above the din. Asked if he was going to let the trophy go, he said: “Naaaaaaaaaah.”

Now he was holding up the trophy to the fans with his right hand, followed by sprinting state troopers, finally skipping with the trophy at the other end of the stadium, more screaming Giants fans leaning over to touch it.

“First and foremost, I think of my father — our father,” co-owner Jonathan Tisch said, “just because this is a man who loved this game, who loved this team and … he’s shining down. … We wouldn’t have won two Super Bowls without Wellington [Mara], and without Bob Tisch.”

Justin Tuck reminded the fans they were in MetLife Stadium, but quickly added: “But one thing you can be sure of is whose house it is!”