All Things D: Big Web Video’s Big Star Is … Anthony Zuiker?

April 26th, 2012

All Things D
April 26, 2012
By, Peter Kafka

Have you been on TV before? Have you made something that has been on TV before?

Then the big Web video companies would like to talk to you: They’re looking for recognizable names and faces they can bring in front of advertisers, so they can move some of those really big TV dollars over to the Web.

That’s why Google trotted out Anthony Zuiker, the guy behind “CSI,” when it made its first big pitch to marketers back in January. And when Yahoo made its own pitch to advertisers in New York yesterday, it devoted plenty of stage time to … Anthony Zuiker.

Anthony Zuiker? Yep. There were plenty of other famous people on hand for Yahoo’s pitch, too — notably, Katie Couric, who wore some very high, very ambitious heels and totally pulled them off.

But Zuiker got his own solo spotlight, where he got to pitch “Cybergeddon,” a 90-minute sci-fi movie that Yahoo will start showing in 10-minute segments in September.

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