Alberto Gonzales Vists With Coronado High School Students

February 15th, 2011

Fox 34 News- Lubbock, Texas

2/15 11:14 pm

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Former U.S. Attorney General and current professor Alberto Gonzales steps out of his Texas Tech classroom for a visit with students at Coronado High School.

Gonzales says his duties at the university include traveling the country to encourage teens to continue their education.

He told Coronado Students that soon it will be their turn to help find solutions to tough issues facing this nation.

“Obviously the economy I think will continue to be a major problem and while I don’t like to say it I still believe we live in a very dangerous world and there still will be threats against the United States that our future leaders will have to deal with no question about it. Issues like immigration hopefully that will be an issue that will be resolved well before they become future leaders,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales says beyond getting a college degree, young people need to get involved in public service.