ABC's 9/11 Miniseries to air this fall featuring counterterrorism advisor Richard Clarke, played by Stephen Root

July 6th, 2006

ABC 9/11 Miniseries To Air This Fall
Starpulse News Blog —

“The Path to 9/11” will begin on Sunday, September 10 and conclude on Monday, September 11 (8:00-11:00 p.m., both nights). The miniseries will air with limited commercial interruption.

The project stars acclaimed actor and Oscar nominee Harvey Keitel as FBI agent John O'Neill, an expert on al Qaeda and on Osama bin Laden at the time of the attacks. His co-stars include (in alphabetical order): Michael Benyaer as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), Ramzi Yousef's uncle; Shirley Douglas as Madeleine Albright; newcomer Mido Hamada as Massoud, one of America's pivotal allies; Emmy winner Patricia Heaton as Barbara Bodine, Ambassador to Yemen; Frank John Hughes as Bill Miller, DSS agent in Pakistan; Penny Johnson Jerald as Condoleezza Rice; Dan Lauria as CIA Director Richard Tenet; Golden Globe winner Amy Madigan as Patricia Carver, a top CIA analyst who prodded her superiors to take further action against terrorism; Michael Murphy as William Cohen, President Clinton's Secretary of Defense; Stephen Root as Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism advisor to four presidents; William Sadler as Neil Herman, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent who worked closely with O'Neill; Katy Selverstone as Nancy Floyd, an agent who cultivated a key informant; Pip Torrens as CIA man Paul Kessler; film star Shaun Toub as Emad Salem, an FBI informant who helped bring down the Blind Sheikh, and Donnie Wahlberg as “Kirk,” an undercover CIA agent.

“This film is going to be enormously helpful to those of us who have been working so hard to get the Commission's recommendations implemented,” said Governor Thomas H. Kean, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission and senior consultant on the miniseries. “More people will see this film than probably anything else on the subject. Telling the whole story of 9/11 will help people better understand the issues involved and what we need to do nationally and locally to prevent another tragedy.”

“When you take on the responsibility of telling the story behind such an important event, it is absolutely critical that you get it right,” said Steve McPherson, president of ABC Entertainment. “Having Governor Kean, who chaired the 9/11 Commission, as a key advisor on this movie has not only been an honor, it's also been crucial to the project.”

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