A Goofy Guide to the Strange Democratic Process: ‘Electoral Dysfunction,’ With Mo Rocca

September 20th, 2012

The New York Times
By David DeWitt
Sept. 20, 2012

For a film that takes on a serious concern of United States democracy — voting and the effective, if not always overt, encouragement and discouragement of that act as practiced across the nation — “Electoral Dysfunction pulls off an admirable trick: It’s pleasant. It treats Democrats and Republicans respectfully, and its humor, with the comic Mo Rocca as guide, is closer to Garrison Keillor than to Michael Moore.

This lighthearted, colorful, nonpartisan documentary spends most of its time in the Indiana of 2008, following get-out-the-vote efforts there by both major parties. These scenes are the film’s most appealing, with person-to-person, neighbor-to-neighbor examples of principled grass-roots campaigning.

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