60 Minutes: Lara Logan talks landmine miss and Taliban commander interview

October 1st, 2012

60 Minutes
October 1, 2012

(CBS News) Sunday night on “60 Minutes,” Lara Logan interviewed a Taliban commander, who spoke about a growing relationship between al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Logan spoke with “60 Minutes Overtime,” about how she managed to arrange the interview with a Taliban commander and the precautions she took during the course of their conversation. Logan told “60 Minutes Overtime” producer Ann Silvio that it took “months of negotiations” to get the interview and that she first met the commander in 2006 when he was just a Taliban fighter. Logan recalled their first meeting in 2006, during which he saved her life by pointing out a landmine that he had laid and that Logan nearly detonated. To hear more about her harrowing 2006 experience and what it was like to interview someone who does not believe “that women should show their faces in public,” watch the video HERE.

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