• The Wall Street Journal

    I hadn’t heard of the Greater Talent Network before I was invited to its 30th anniversary gala. And it took several more emails before I figured out what it does, and that despite being attracted to many of the celebrity names attending the party: Tom Wolfe, Michael Lewis, Apolo Ohno, Sir Howard Stringer, P.J. O’Rourke, Carl Bernstein, Pete Hamill, Mia Farrow, Jeffrey Toobin. The list went on and on. I finally figured it out: The Greater Talent Network is a speakers’ bureau, sending the famous, accomplished and merely amusing around the country to speak at things like college events and IBM conventions.

  • The Hollywood Reporter

    For Don Epstein, whose A-list clients command up to six figures for a few hours of their time, talk is definitely not cheap.

  • US Magazine

    The Bully director and creator of The Bully Project--an organization dedicated to fighting bullying in America's schools--is set to head out on a speaking tour with the Greater Talent Network speakers bureau.

  • The Hill

    With more than four decades of experience, Don Epstein has a pretty solid track record of choosing up-and-coming orators who will be a hit on the speaking circuit.