New York, NY, September, 2011– Greater Talent Network (GTN), America’s leading celebrity speakers bureau proudly announces their newest exclusive speaker to join their already cutting-edge repertoire, Oakland A’s General Manager and subject of the new movie Moneyball Billy Beane.

Beane takes audiences behind the scenes of Michael Lewis’ (also an exclusive speaker) best-selling book and new motion picture Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, when he shattered traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated wins by implementing statistical methodology that inevitably led the Oakland A’s, one of the worst teams in baseball with one of the lowest payrolls, to three American League West Division Titles.

With the success of both the best-selling book and now the blockbuster movie, companies around the globe are lining up to learn from Beane how to replicate the triumphant Moneyball philosophy, making him one of the hottest speakers on the lecture circuit today.

Beane’s innovative, winning style of management and leadership involves identifying undervalued assets to create and sustain a competitive advantage offers lessons for all types of industries including health care, insurance, and finance to name a few and his heroic underdog story will have audiences motivated, inspired and cheering on their feet with thunderous applause.

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