New York, NY–March 8, 2012Michael Woodford, the former president of Olympus who was ousted after exposing corporate malfeasance at the giant Japanese healthcare and consumer electronics company, has signed with the elite speakers bureau Greater Talent Network (GTN). Woodford will tell his story, which “is one of the most stunning instances of corporate whistleblowing, to audiences,” says Don Epstein, CEO of GTN.

“Michael’s story is truly a rare one,” says Epstein. “It’s a story about choosing honesty and integrity, despite all the difficulties of that choice. It’s an incisive but inspiring story, and much of it is still untold.”

“There’s never been a better time to shed light on the importance of corporate responsibility,” Woodford says. “Hopefully, sharing my experience will illuminate just how real its effects are and maybe even help bring about some critical changes.”

Woodford continues to make headlines as estimates regarding the size of the Olympus fraud have now reached $1.7 billion. When he was named CEO in October 2011, Woodford was one of just a handful of foreigners heading a major Japanese company. He was ousted two weeks later when he decided to bring the dubious payments to light. Olympus is now being investigated by Japan, the US and the UK, and most of Olympus’ senior management has since stepped down.

Woodford, an early pioneer of Corporate Social Responsibility, was named 2011 “Business Person of the Year” by the UK’s Sunday Times, Sun, and Independent newspapers, while Time magazine recognized him on its list of “People Who Mattered” in 2011. Woodford also won the 2012 Cliff Robertson Sentinel award “For Choosing Truth Over Self” from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Working with GTN to reach audiences around the world, Woodford will speak about the role that honesty, integrity and leadership play in corporate governance. With global economies still reeling from the impact of the subprime mortgage scandal, Woodford’s personal experience as an executive who risked his own career to come forward is particularly timely.

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