Meghan McCain: Why Christine O’Donnell Is Bombing

The Daily Beast
By Meghan McCain
Sept 1, 2011

News has been filtering out all week about the mess of a book tour Christine O’Donnell has been on. Her book Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again reportedly has sold only 2,200 copies and only five people showed up at a book signing she held in Naples, Fla., with one person coming only to ask her to sign a book on demonology. While promoting her book, she generated a flurry of publicity by walking off Piers Morgan’s show on CNN, because she said she was being “sexually harassed” by Morgan when he started asking her about gay marriage.

I don’t find any pleasure in Christine O’Donnell’s book and book tour spectacularly bombing. What I am taking from O’Donnell is one big fat warning sign that all Republicans should be aware of moving forward.

O’Donnell is the result of an epidemic within politics today. She’s a politician that can gather international media attention by using cheap tricks and publicity stunts with little to no substance or experience to back it up. This is a woman who at one point was getting so much attention, that Saturday Night Live cold opened an episode with a parody of one of her campaign ads.

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