The Facebook Effect: Beyond the Social Network

The Facebook Effect

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This is the Facebook story that can’t be found anywhere else.  The only authorized account of Facebook’s history, Kirkpatrick’s insights into The Social Network, now the #1 film in America, reveal why Facebook is the most important company of our time.  At the podium, Kirkpatrick shares his 10 Lessons from Facebook and what Mark Zuckerberg’s success means for your business.  Don’t miss this dynamic and timely program – please call me today for schedules and availability.

About the Speaker: David Kirkpatrick
Regularly ranked one of the world’s top technology journalists, Kirkpatrick wrote for Fortune for more than two decades, including numerous cover stories about Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Intel, and others; features on subjects including Facebook, MySpace, Second Life; plus his weekly “Fast Forward” column.
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In the Headlines: The Facebook Effect
Written with the full cooperation of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Kirkpatrick follows the company from its genesis in a Harvard dorm room through its successes over Friendster and MySpace, the expansion of the user base, and Zuckerberg’s refusal to sell.

Recent headlines include:
>Kirkpatrick on The Social Network in The Daily Beast
>Kirkpatrick in Vanity Fair
>Kirkpatrick in The New York Times

About the Speech: 10 Lessons from Facebook
At the podium, Kirkpatrick shares “10 Lessons from Facebook,” offering insights into the entrepreneurship that sparked a global phenomenon. Touching upon corporate leadership, growth, technology and trends, Kirkpatrick’s speech shares proven Facebook strategies and gives unprecedented access to the real Facebook story. >Watch David speak


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