Barrie Dunsmore

Speech Topics

  • War vs. Truth: The Impact of Wartime on Freedom of Speech
  • The World Today: A Journalist's Perspective
  • Live War Coverage and Its Consequences
  • Behind the Scenes of World Affairs: An Insider's View of the Events that Shapes the 20th Century

Barrie Dunsmore

Veteran Diplomatic and Foreign Correspondent for ABC

Barrie Dunsmore covered foreign affairs for ABC News for thirty years, reporting from Washington and abroad on the policies of seven U.S. Presidents, from Johnson to Clinton. He traveled overseas with them and was a regular on the planes of their Secretaries of State. From 1965-1995, he reported from more than one hundred countries on virtually every major international event – from wars to summits to diplomatic shuttles.

Dunsmore witnessed some of the most exciting and tense moments in recent world history. During the Cold War, Dunsmore was a constant presence at meetings between American Presidents and Soviet leaders. He accompanied Israeli troops when they captured the Suez Canal from Egypt in 1967 and when General Ariel Sharon put Suez City under siege in 1973. He was on Henry Kissinger's Mideast shuttles in the aftermath of the '73 war and was with President Jimmy Carter in the Mideast six years later when he finally cemented the historic Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty. He covered the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. He did the first American television interview with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and attended Sadat's funeral with three former Presidents (Nixon, Ford and Carter). He reported live for ABC News Nightline from the Berlin Wall the night it began to come down.

At the podium, Dunsmore brings the most exciting political events of the 20th century to life. His unique, journalistic perspective reveals how reporting has changed over the years and where he believes the world of journalism is heading. He explains how news is spun and how to tell "real" news from a tailored press release. Relevant and informative, Dunsmore's presentation takes the audience inside the dynamic and ever-changing world of news reporting.

In 1995, Dunsmore became a Fellow at the Shorenstein Center of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In addition to lecturing on the role of the news media in shaping public policy, Dunsmore conducted an extensive study of the potential consequences of live television coverage of war. That study, The Next War – Live, was published by Harvard in 1996. Dunsmore was awarded the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University's Edward Weintal Prize in 1995. That award is given "in recognition of distinguished reporting on foreign policy and diplomacy."

Currently, Dunsmore lives in Charlotte, Vermont and writes a Sunday column for the Rutland Herald.

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