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Reverend Al Sharpton

Renowned civil rights leader

Reverend Al Sharpton is one of the most visible black leaders in the world today. An outspoken political activist for nearly two decades, Sharpton has built a social movement from the ground up, empowering the disenfranchised and giving a voice to the frustrations of thousands. He is now a national political figure, and his success as a role model and leader continues the tradition of influential civil rights leaders like Douglass, King and Jackson.

As an activist, Sharpton has been involved in some of the most politically and racially charged events of the past twenty years, fighting against racial injustice and inequality. Now on the national stage, Sharpton?s platform is based on equality for all ? from public education to voting to health care. He directs a groundbreaking national campaign against police brutality, and his wit and eloquence as a speaker have earned him respect and admiration across class and color lines.

At the podium, Sharpton, one of America?s most passionate and controversial thinkers, provides a message of humanitarianism, tolerance and activism. Challenging oneself to succeed, taking responsibility and being politically involved in the community is the core of Sharpton?s candid presentation. With vigor, humor and charm, he also outlines the steps necessary for corporations to reach out to the minority community and promote social equality.

A New York City native, Reverend Sharpton was ordained as a minister when he was ten years old. Politically active from a very young age, he worked for Operation Breadbasket as a teenager, organizing protests against companies inequitable to African Americans, and often rode around Harlem with the venerable Representative Adam Clayton Powell Jr. He was a road manager for James Brown, where he met his wife, and he is the founder and director of the National Action Network. He was recently a guest host on Saturday Night Live, receiving rave reviews and high ratings.

The author of an autobiography, Go and Tell Pharaoh, and a policy book entitled Al on America, Sharpton?s life is an inspiring role model for today?s disenfranchised, discouraged young Americans. His prophetic voice, sharp mind and relentless ambition allowed him to rise above a broken family and meager circumstances to become the most significant, vibrant figure of the minority community.

Sharpton is married and the father of two teenage daughters.

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